JOHAN with Cruyff Classics

April 2017

Johan Cruyff was known for many things. His sharp tongue, his cheeky manners, but most of all his impeccable skills on the pitch. He will go down in history as one of the biggest contributors to this game we call football. Lack of Guidance teamed up with Cruyff Classics to make an item that would honor him in the most respectable way. The outcome was a replica of the jersey he wore in 1964 during his professional debut.

During the 1974 FIFA World Cup, adidas was the kit supplier of the Dutch football team. For several reasons, Johan Cruyff refused to wear the three trademark stripes. The Dutch football association (KNVB) bowed to his demand and allowed him to play in a kit with only two stripes.

After Ajax stated that Johan had gotten too old to play, he decided that he'll be the judge of that. He signed for their bitter rivals, Feyenoord, and even settled the score by winning the double during that same season. It was a remarkable and fitting way to bring an end to his impressive playing career.

Johan Cruyff was infamous for smoking cigarettes on the sidelines during his time as a trainer at FC Barcelona. After the effects of the tobacco took its toll, Johan famously replaced his Camel cigarettes with lollipops.

Photography and films by Fabio de Frel
Model: Tycho