August 2019

Ever since Clarence Seedorf made his professional debut for Ajax at the age of 16, it was clear to see that with his talent and mentality, he would come a long way. In his third season at Ajax, Clarence won his first Champions League title. In the following years, he played for several established clubs and went on to win three more Champions League titles with Real Madrid (1) and AC Milan (2).

Currently he is still the only football player to have won 4 Champions League titles with three different clubs. Across the globe, Clarence Seedorf is considered one of the greatest football players, but for some reason, he is widely under-appreciated in his home country. Despite the fact that there is no Dutch football player with more Champions League titles under his belt, a large part of the Dutch population tends to focus on the few mistakes he has made during his career. With this release, we wanted to give Clarence the recognition he deserves for having one of the most successful careers in modern football.

Photography by Vital de Frel
Models: Jonas, Aten, Bert, Eeva, Ghamte, Iriée, Jarmo, Lee, Leroy, Mila, Robert, Violette