November 2022

Blatta o Plomo refers to Plata o Plomo, a saying famously used by Medellín cartel leader Pablo Escobar to threaten government officials with harm if they didn’t accept his bribes.

With the surrounding noise on human rights, worker deaths and image laundering, it is easy to forget what the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is really all about. It is about the founding message at the very heart of this global festival of football, which is, of course, corruption. This unique piggy bank holds the face of the former FIFA president who is responsible for creating this mess. He has been banned from participating in FIFA activities since 2015 as a result of the FIFA corruption case made public that year, and will remain banned until 2027. All profits will be donated to human rights funds.

Sculpture made by Nicole Pedder
Animation by Harry Butt
Website by DXR Zone